BRS Hygiene Solutions UG(haftungsbeschränkt)

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BRS Hygiene Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt)



  • Risk assessment _ Risk assessment of machinery.
  • Advice _ There is a passing on of experience. Training is provided and designs are produced.
  • Production _ Manufacture of machinery and components.
  • Second-hand machinery _ Second-hand production machinery involved in the production process is offered.
  • Experts _ Used in matters relating to the attribution of responsibility in the event of problems in production or the starting up of plant.
  • Relocation of machinery _ Previous activities have created the necessary conditions for being able to offer this service. Having a suitable pool of specialists helps to guarantee success when implementing projects.
  • New machinery _ New machinery will be selected and recommended according to the client’s particular situation.
  • Optimisation _ of machinery and sections of plant as well as of the working process itself.
  • Product development _ innovation as a result of close co-operation with machine manufacturers, users and suppliers of raw materials.
  • Production analysis _ on existing plant with suggestions up to the solution stage.
  • Production methods _ development and implementation of new technologies.
  • Project management _ starting of a project from business plan, selection of machinery and location up to production of the first diaper.
  • Quality _ assistance with the establishment of a quality system.
  • Raw materials _ The knowledge of raw materials makes it possible to make appropriate recommendations with regard to use.
  • Specialist matters _ declaration of conformity, declaration of manufacturer, matters relating to patents, feasibility studies, benefit analyses.
  • Special machinery _ Orders for special machinery can be placed with partnership companies and production can take place in their own production facilities.
  • Start-up _ a service which is offered to machine manufacturers as well as manufacturers in the hygiene industry.





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