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I have been active in the diaper business for more than 30 years. I, Bodo Ruhle, laid the foundation for my professional career in the hygiene industry in 1991 when I formed RIBOTH GmbH. I now regard many of those who have accompanied me along the way and many of those who have supported me as my friends. This gives me the strength and the support which I need for my new professional endeavour: It is my desire to make sure that the knowledge which I have acquired and the experience which I have gained is passed on to others. That is my new interest in life.

One of the main aims of my work is to help with the starting up and establishment of diaper production plants.

For diaper producers, part of the careful preparation for the purchase of diaper machinery includes the proper organisation of the sale of the old plant which is to be replaced by the new plant. Old plant which is no longer in use is very common. BRS offers more! Long before the purchase of new plant, BRS provides training and practice in the use of the relevant old plant. BRS oversees the whole process of the relocation of machinery right up to the production of the first diaper. All involved are helped.

BRS acts as a link between existing producers and those interested in new projects.

It is not only second-hand machinery which is supplied for projects. The strength of the Chinese market can now also no longer be ignored in the hygiene industry. New plant from China often competes with very cheap second-hand plant. However, careful analysis and differentiation apply. Because of this fact, BRS has committed itself to developing and supplying a


This means that the customer has access to plant which combines standardised and long tried-and-tested methods from China with innovations in European and American machinery.

BRS produces solutions which focus on what is essential. The principle is to provide as many machines as necessary and not as many machines as possible.

By doing this, BRS is able to make an active contribution towards the responsible handling of our resources and our environment and the ensuring of a secure future for our children.





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